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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Which Space Marines?

I have a dilemma. I own nearly 6000 points worth of space marines. 2k (plus a Fellblade) painted in Legion of the Damned colors, 2k+ painted in Black Widows colors (not so happy with them any more) and 2k painted in random colors and/or unpainted. I would like to pick out a SM chapter to paint and stick with. I just cannot make up my mind!

For a long time (since 1995 or so) I have considered doing an Ultramarines army. I love the fluff. I like the colors. I just cannot get past the fact that there are so very many Ultramarine armies out there.

I love the Salamanders. Again, I really like the fluff. The colors are perfect. Unfortunately, with the new codex, there are an awful lot of Vulcan TH/flamer armies around now. Not sure if how "common" an army is should be a deterrent to me or not.

I have taken several shots over the years at designing my own chapter...Moondrakes (bone w/Dark Angel green shoulders), Black Widows (black w/red trim) and "unnamed chapter" (bright orange w/electric blue trim). In the end, I was not happy with any of these. I had 3 full companies in black widows colors at one point.

I am beginning to think that it is not the colors that marines are painted that is bothering me. Perhaps I just don't like the models? Nah, I love the models...just need help deciding what chapter to paint.

Thank you for your input.

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